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J.kieffer, founded in 2015 by designer, Jessica Frantzen, is a unique blend of classic design, Latin American style, and modern craftsmanship. Each accessory is designed to make its wearer look good—and feel good too, with elements borrowed from Feng Shui and with its ecologically conscious creation.

The products of J.kieffer are directly inspired by Latin American culture, and the Amazon itself. Growing up in both Columbia and the United States, Frantzen developed a love and later a line of beautifully handcrafted accessories to tell the story of her roots. Each product is handcrafted to honor both the wearer and the environment from which it was created.

Each bag, for example, is handmade, hand-dyed (predominantly using vegetable dyes), and hand-cut precisely to leave the smallest amount of waste possible. Anything that is left over goes to a foundation which uses the materials in instruction and in creating proper job opportunities.

For jewelry, J.kieffer only carefully selects conflict-free metals, so you can look good and feel good about what you’re wearing.

The style of J.kieffer can be described as a blend of classic Latin American meets American meets Feng Shui with big, bold, beautiful colors, and details inspired by the Amazon. In fact, the brand was largely inspired by Frantzen’s early life in Columbia and her later collaboration with award-winning Feng Shui master, Aileen Soo. Together, the two have created a powerful and harmonious line of bags and jewelry, which guide, empower, and protect wearers, using specific colors and symbols.

All of this in a stylish and eco-friendly package? J.kieffer is truly slow fashion at its finest.