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About J. Kieffer

J. Kieffer is a luxury handbag brand with a social and environmental conscience.

J. Kieffer was founded in the spirit of the Amazon and with an ecologically sustainable objective; to create handbags and jewelry that blend South American artisan culture with modern concepts in a socially conscious way. This unique marriage of old-world tradition and modern day fabrication create a one of a kind elegance and comfort.


Each handbag is made with the highest quality leather and named after someone or something that inspires the designer. J. Kieffer strives to deliver the highest quality products, each piece is handcrafted and we are deliberate with every stitch, to ensure the products delivered to you are exquisite.

We believe the Amazon is sacred and to address issues like deforestation and water contamination, a percentage of our proceeds go to Foundations that focus on environmental conservation. Our funds work to preserve and maintain flora and fauna that is being threatened by non-eco practices commonly found throughout the fashion industry.